So much to say

So many things in the U.S. of late has stirred me up. Why should it? It's not as though I am a citizen. Speaking of which..not being a citizen comes in handy when people pounce on you as walk in and out of various shopping complexes. They want you to sign this petition and that petition. Election time seems to last...well...it seems endless. As soon as one election is over the spam starts for the following year. It's big business. Anyway, my point is, not being a citizen means they don't want your signature, so it's great to be able to be polite and not an ass to these people, because I probably wouldn't want to sign their stuff anyway.

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Obviously nothing has excited me enough to use this thing in the last couple of years.

Actually that isn't true. I'm just not motivated enough to type what I am thinking at the time I am thinking it. If I did I would probably make 15 random posts per day, at a line or two each.

Introducing Xavier

Now he's here I can post again!

Xavier has arrived, born on the 13th at 9lb, 14oz and 21 inches. Who would have thought it was possible to push for a little under 15 minutes?!

Posted via the Treo since it's all I have to communicate with.

DVDs on 1080P

Watching DVDs playing on Blu-Ray to a 1080P Sony XBR doesn't look nearly as bad as I thought it would. Still, I am not interested in playing tech-wars over which format will win over Blu-Ray and HD-DVD. It's Beta versus VHS all over again, and if you remember, the better quality did not win that battle.

This Journal Is Now "Friends Only"

I am trying to reinvent the use of my journal. In order to make it work I needed to start from scratch.

Now that we have an addition to our little family I want to keep more things behind closed doors, but also be more open with my thoughts concerning random (mostly meaningless) things that pass through my mind. I think a lot of why I have not been as active is because I have wanted to be too open, letting everyone read when in reality I am more of a closed person when it comes to personal subjects, and thus writing nothing at all.

Short Version: Random Rants = Public, Family Orientated = Friends Only

Baseball Goes To Borrrrrrring

This year was going to be so interesting for baseball statisticians and legal proceedings. It's actually been pretty boring, and will be boring from this day forth, until the World Series (assuming that match-up is a good match-ip).

BLAH, blah steroids in baseball, blah, blah, BORING! How many times can people rant about something that wasn't even illegal in the game at the time? It IS illegal in the game now, so feel free to blow-up at players who are stupid enough to 'cheat'. It wasn't cheating when it wasn't disallowed, so get over it, people!

This past week has been about pitchers not being able to get 300 wins in their career anymore, that the last person who may do it, Glavine, very well could be the last pitcher to get there, because the game has gone to where pitchers play 5-6 innings, thus making it harder to keep a win, or get a win. I'm not even sure people care about how many times a pitcher gets a win. Let's face it, it is all about how many runs are scored, which is why the American League half of the MLB is more popular to fans than the National League half. My personal opinion is that I like to have pitchers batting and not a designated hitter, so I prefer National League rules.

So last night time stood still in San Francisco when barry bonds hit his 756th homerun, making him the biggest home run hitter of all time. Now that is over there is nothing else of importance in baseball until the World Series, unless there is some excitement at the idea that the Yankees won't make the playoffs (anyone who ever counts them out of having a chance, ever in the first half of a season is a moron). The next biggest thing to happen will be when A-Rod overtakes Bonds in maybe 8 years from now, if he doesn't get injured (in a significant way) or banned from the sport.

Getting 3,000 hits in a baseball career is about as interesting as 300 wins for a pitcher, who cares. Sooner or later the list of 3,000 hitters will be so big that it will be of no consequence. Players play for longer now, and medical technology (and means to beat illegals drugs that assist in healing injuries) will cause players to come back earlier than ever and keep on trying to break records. Does anyone care about individual career stats until that person retires? Season stats are something else altogether, because it doesn't take 20 years to get there.

I was pretty pleased that Bonds hit his homerun at home. The fact Hank Aaron sent him a video message, splattered on the big screen at the stadium was pretty classy. The media has made up their own stories about how people feel about the homerun record being broken...beating that poor dead horse. It is what happens when a season, like what baseball has, goes on for so long with not a lot happening. If there isn't a record being broken some place in the game, and it isn't about the wildcard race, or division title, baseball is pretty boring for the media to translate to us because every game is irrelevant until we know which teams have no chance of making it, so we can ignore them and watch those that have a chance, until the playoffs are decided.

I'd have to say though, if I had the money to waste, I would certainly purchase one of the 5,000 bats being sold for barry Bond's record breaking homerun. That bat looks AWESOME, and at $130, it's very reasonably priced for something that will exist as the record until A-Rod breaks it in 2015 or so.

Not Fucking Happy

I do NOT want this in my damn yard at 3:30am!

Now the whole damn inside of the house fucking stinks and I have no idea what to do but air it by leaving the front door open. Damn dogs grrr.

It smells like someone grew onions inside and left them to rot in 100 degree weather and covered them with a lot of burning rubber.

Update #1:

I think it has both is back legs broken, but it has been quite mobile this morning. I am sure it is spraying up a storm out there, just fighting to stay alive. I hate the smell, but I hate knowing it is probably in some horrible pain. if the people coming to rid this skunk from our house doesn't hurry up, it will find its way back under the house!

Update #2:

This is the last living image of the skunk (besides what the animal dude took with his camera). About 20 minutes after this picture was taken, the skunk was shot with a 22 rifle and it's body taken away to have tests done on its brain to test for rabies, since skunks are the second highest carriers of rabies, behind bats.

Now the dogs are on quarantine for upto 30 days, with a visit once a week, and I had to sign my life away that it's how it would be. Thankfully we had all our rabies shots current, otherwise they get taken away for 6 months quarantine, or euthanised (I believe the decision of which is upto us). Some of it was sucky rules, since they have this County bullshit and State bullshit where the company that makes the vacs must be also recognised. As it turns out, Montana must have stricter rabies laws because our 2 year Montana shots last for 3 years in California, so we were lucky (by Montana standards, Angel's expired this past April, and Anet's will expire in October, so add 12 months to both of those).

How this will tie into our Hawai'i trip we'll find out in 7-10 days (possibly sooner, but that is what I was told). We're not allowed people in our yard outside of people who already use the yard (aka immediate family), and the dogs aren't allowed to leave the yard, even to go for a walk on the lead.

This is all worst case scenario. If the tests on the brain-matter of the skunk come back negative, then we just have to wait for the phone call.

I'm sure the dogs are happy to have their backyard back to themselves again.

What Is Up With American Daytime Soaps??

There are so many daytime soaps here, some are 'normal', some are unrealistic, most are full of inbred characters, but some are just so damn crazy I have no idea how they stay on the air.

I remember as a kid that Young and the Restless would be on, followed by Days of our Lives, on Channel 9. Bold and the Beautiful was on at 1:30 and then moved to 4:30 (or was it the other way around?) on Channel 10. I don't recall General Hospital being on TV in Australia, but it was definitely on when I was growing up in New Zealand (so that is prior to 1986). I am not sure if I remember there being any others, off the top of my head....oh I remember some show, was it called Santa Barbara?, that was on for an hour right before Bold and the Beautiful used to be on, on Channel 10...


Now, over here you have to expect with so many more years of cable tv (yet all these shows are on the 'free t air' channels) there are many more daytime soaps that never cracked the Aussie market...well there are. There are the following...All My Children, Another World, As The World Turns, Guiding Light, One Life To Live, and Passions.

Now let it be known that I don't watch any of these, with the exception of the Bold and the Beautiful because I find it so damn funny. I have never seen such an inbred pile of crap that is funnier to me than SNL will ever be. It breaks up my day, where I fix myself something to eat and laze about for 30 minutes (I probably watch 15 minutes of it, three times a week). It has an intelligent blend in with the Young and the Restless, since they are made by the same people, and switch cast members from one show to the other. Who would have thought so many people from the midwest would have direct connections to those in the fashion industry...

Anyways, I should just get to what I am most shocked about. I learned to deal with the fact that just because a character dies in a huge fire, or gets shot and there is a funeral, or they die in a car crash, a plane crash, or any other random act that causes actors to die more often than the average occurrance in ones life. What I never thought I would see is a little girl, maybe 6 or 7 years old in scenes where she doesn't talk, but bubbles pop up on the screen instead. not just do hey pop-up, but there is a 'pop' noise to go along with it!! This girl can sit on the couch for 20 minutes, next to some weird old lady and the girl talks through thinking? I really don't know, but somehow the old lady can converse back and forth with her. You hear the sound of an old lady, then 'pop'...old lady.....'pop'...

I stumbled upon this when I was out of the room after the rerun of Access Hollywood had ended, so it was 2pm. How ridiculous can these people get? How a TV show like Jericho, or even in the 'off season' Pirate Master, can be canceled, but this crap gets to stay on? No wonder I prefer to watch reality TV these days.

I had to Google which one it was...Passions....Crazy shit.

Please, for my sanity, give me Neighbours and Home & Away back!

(I think it is funny that Google shows up in LJ's spellchecker as being a spelling error)