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My take on American politics Part One

This is a huge subject so I'll break it down at will about one subject matter at a time. The obvious place to start judging from the news over here is the legalization of same sex marriages. It seems an odd time for all these places around the country to all of a sudden decide that there is some constitutional right for people to go out and get married to whomever they please. Why this has only just happened has not been spoken about. It seems clear that this is a random event chosen for right here and right now because of the up and coming election, but who started this off? Probably some Independent or Democrat because it has been made quite clear by the Republicans, more so Bushy, that same sex marriages are wrong.

Well, all I can say on this topic is that if all this election comes down to is this subject matter then either people in this country are going to vote blindly and stupidly, or the country is doing brilliantly well if this beats the topic of the 3 million job losses in the last four years, or the war on terror, the tax cut issues and the typical arguments over medical, education and welfare policies.

Now we have Bushy wanting to mess with the Constitution over this issue because of valid reasons which are being blanketed by the media. He wants to reform it in a way that will prevent same sex marriages from being legal. Now, from that statement alone it is obvious why gay couples would be upset. The part taking less focus is what would happen if they legalize it to it's fullest extent. Four letters is the answer....U T A H. Once you open the door to legalizing this based on constitutional rights, you then open the door to every polygamy case. You then can do the same thing over age constraints, and to the worst degree, you do not need to stop at marrying another human.

The obvious thing these old geezers in suits don't seem to be doing is trying to argue over a word to make everything right. Some people believe that gay people want to marry for money reasons, like social security and retirement as well as other insurances and taxation benefits that a heterosexual couple would get. I believe this to be false because if you take into account the percentage of same sex couples out there to those who are heterosexual, I doubt the vastly smaller percentage would cause much of a further dent in a system that is struggling already....not that it should matter anyway since every tax payer is paying for their own retirement and if they choose to marry someone of the same gender then they are clearly deciding the fate of their own economic welfare, which no Government should be able to decide for them.

It is also obvious that no matter what happens now it will not be passed by time the election is happening. This brings up a point which I said before on who is making this a headline. Maybe it is a Bush thing. Maybe he is using it to take the headlines away from things happening elsewhere like in Iraq or Afghanistan (which seems to be almost forgotten these days, until another bomb goes off). No matter who is doing it, nothing is being solved and nothing is really helping those people who wish to have the same rights as everyone else.

If I was in this situation I would be looking towards the legal system, probably one state at a time and see if it were possible to define people based on their relationships so that some laws are upheld, while new laws are written. I really do not see what is wrong with having groups work together. The gay population can stand aside the hetero population and condemn polygamy, and challenge those who seek to demean 'marriage'. Gay couples can go out and prove they want to have this stronger bond for the same reasons as anyone else....I mean, marriage is not what we do so we can have children, and the rights of people, especially women have changed since the whole marriage (or ownership if you really want to go back to when and why marriage existed) gig began.

So, to those who wish for same sex marriages, why not go for a different word. I do not know what the word should be. Maybe think of it as a game show....Marriage is to Heterosexual as *enter answer here* is to Homosexual. What is that word? What a way to start defining and rewriting laws. Having a system to work under to improve life for everyone. It could be a great stepping stone. This would definitely promote great things in the uniting of two people in love. Marriage would be the first goal...then we can work on all the other things such as social security, insurance, children (adoption laws) and whatever else. I mean one step at a time makes more sense than jumping in and demanding everything at the same time. People won't listen to everything at once, but define everything and show how it is a benefit then maybe things will go the way of the people.

My opinion on this by the way is that same sex couples should be able to unite as heterosexual couples do. I am not completely sure how far I would be prepared to go into rights and such, but I believe love is love and I believe that giving same sex couples a reason to stay together and not live in fear of cheating or giving excuses to not have the same type of relationship that a heterosexual couples would have, right up to the ability to get married, is a true benefit. If governments want people to take safe sex seriously, take sex in general seriously, take relationships and marriage seriously, then something has to be done so people do not rebel like they have done in the past and return back to the days of swinging and the social trend of the 90s to be bisexual or gay.

Don't want to call it marriage? Fine, call it something else. Just give people the right and reason to be with the one they love for all their eternity....because THAT is what is needed and that can assist in curing so many negative things of the past, from lessening the chances of STD's being passed around in one social environment, through to giving people the right to live as themselves without having to throw things in peoples faces, or even worse, feel ashamed to be themselves.

Let's just call it...hmmm...let's just think about this a little, since making it some 'gay trendy' word will demean it from the get-go.

No one can deny that marriage itself needs to be strengthened, but it was allowing divorce for any crappy reason which lead to people getting married for lesser reasons (because it was easier to get out of) that caused the damage. To anyone opposed to same sex marriages...go piss in your own backyard before blaming same sex couples for wanting to strengthen their relationships and wanting to take that extra step. To those not opposed, making a huge issue over this isn't a good thing when nothing is going to change unless someone writes a definition so that same sex couples can legally marry and then work on extra rights after step at a time.

The shortened version to this post is this...Everyone should have equal rights, but everything must be done the right way. Nothing will change with the current events, so someone has to go about finding a way so that the majority will better understand. Sure it comes down to labelling people, but we've done that for centuries, and if this benefits you in any way, who cares?

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