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Wedding Anniversary Weekend

Saturday morning we headed off for Coeur d'Alene. First and only stop was in Missoula where we watched a game of football between University of Montana and Idaho State University. The Griz played rather poorly, but they pulled off a win which was not certain until the last few seconds of the game, where at the half it would have been thought they would have had it won. They only won off a block on a field goal with about 30 seconds to go. Griz won by 2 points. Their defense is shocking. I suppose it makes for an interesting showdown with the Bobcats (Montana State University) on November 20th. It was kinda fun though, even though it's so stop-start and a lot weaker than other sports, I think this one is all about the crowd. Without atmosphere this sport would be waste of my time.

After the game we drove off to deal with a phone issue with Verizon. That company has to be the worst I have seen since being here. Storyline: Patrick has a new phone, which is a Palm Treo. So, we have it setup to make and receive calls. It apparently sends email, but we were unable to confirm it, but were told later on that it would have sent them as SMS's because the wireless thingo wasn't setup completely or something. Anyways, we're at a Verizon store, because after setting the phone up as directed, it wouldn't connect to the internet (which ties back to why the email would be SMS and not email). not a single person there was helpful. So they let him use their phone to call their service department. Almost two hours later and still nothing was different. They simply had no idea why the phone wasn't working. Did they suggest to try on another phone (since they had other Treo's there) Instead they said "If that is where they want to go next at the service department". One person had no idea, so he was passed onto someone else, then someone else'd think they would want to test to see if there was a problem with the actual phone and not the service....alas no, they were too stupid and wanted to waste our time on this, so it was never suggested. If there was one thing I thought America stood for, I thought it would be good service....Verizon suck, pure and simple.

Anyways...we headed off to Coeur d'Alene after a quick bite at Fuddruckers. Arrived at about 10 or 11pm and crashed out for the next day. Saturday saw us deciding to go to Triple Play, where we rode go-carts a few times, playing laser tag a few times, a round on each of the mini golf courses, a game of 10 pin bowling, various video games and air hockey. It was quite fun in the most part. We had thought about going to Silverwood, but since all it advertised is rollercoasters, that's hardly exciting for me, and more of a waste of money since the adjoining water park is closed for the Winter. So, Triple Play had us entertained for the afternoon.

That night we headed into Spokane, Washington for the sake of live music. We had seen earlier in a magazine that Story of the Year, Letter Kills and Lost Prophets were playing at The Big Easy, so we made that our nights entertainment. We paid for our tickets, stood in line for what seemed to be a couple of hours, then once we got in, we seated ourselves in our own private little section, ordered food and drinks and waited for the show to begin. It was kinda cool the setup we had going. Going to a live gig, having tons of our own space, being able to eat dinner and drink without having people jumping over us for a view as decent as ours was nifty. A couple of guys did try to invade our space, but due to Patrick and this other guy (I forget his name) having a small chat with him, he quickly decided to leave the area.

The night was great. It's been so long since I have seen live music. In fact I think it has been since I filmed the bands in Perth a few weeks before leaving since I have seen live music (the band I saw a couple of weeks does not count since they are far from being my style and filled no void whatsoever). Unless we catch a band in Orlando over Christmas time, this will hopefully get me through to next summer for the live music need.

We drove back to our hotel after the show was over and crashed out for the next day. Monday saw us heading off to a place called Kellogg. Around where we were staying is the Silver Valley, which is pretty much filled with Silver Mines. We found a gold mine and went on a tour there. It was pretty interesting. Couldn't see a Silver mine though because from what we were told they do not offer tours on active mines, and that is all they have there, which is a shame, but oh well. We bought a pan and a bag of stuff, which supposedly contains gold so we can pan at our own pleasure.

We headed back to town afterwards and took in some of the town, window shopping, having a coffee (which was disgusting), and chatting to a couple of guys in a camera shop, which was informative. Went shopping afterwards and then back to the hotel to get changed.

That night we headed off to Cricket's Steakhouse and Oyster Bar for our Anniversary dinner. We both ordered and drank up, the night ending in the bar section where we caught the end of the Titan's killing the Packers on the big screen. The bar itself was pretty cool. It was setout really nicely, with free pool and entertainment all night, including prize giveaways during the game based on when a football team scores (or when there were decent sized breaks to run a prize thing).

To avoid drink driving we headed back to the Hotel for a couple of beers and a nice bottle of wine, after which we crashed out for we had a long drive back home the following day. Very nice weekend indeed.

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