Mega (mega) wrote,

Bombs over Britain

Terrorism, like the world needs more. This time London. How is the timing with the decision on the 2012 Olympics? I certainly hope there is no link. The G8 summit in Scotland...well, that makes no sense given they are talking about helping nations, not talking about war and other conflicts. The people who claim to be responsible may not even exist. Are we going to be left with some type of conspiracy? Even if the so-called European Al Qaeda does not exist, we know they won't deny it back in Afghanistan, Pakistan or whatever rock those cowards who run Al Qaeda are hiding under. If it benefits them they will be happy to claim responsibility. Over 700 injured, almost 40 confirmed dead. Given the location (Underground) many many people were very lucky.

Is it wrong to hate when so much I hate the wars over terrorism just the same? Certainly people should pay, but I like people from all walks of life. To be told that a nation is an enemy, it's like a friend or potential friend has to defend their country because someone wants to defend theirs by attacking them because some wanker caused harm and pain to others.

Hopefully the 'real' truth will be found.

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