Mega (mega) wrote,

Where am I?

Wow, I almost forgot about this place. Not sure why. I guess my priorities have been elsewhere, but also I let too much time pass after things happen to worry about updating. Somehow things drift into the past to the point where backdating is an option, but not sure if it's one I prefer.

So, a lot happening, yet not a lot as well.

Summer came and went, and not once did it get close to 100/38. It hasn't started snowing yet, but it's only a matter of time, and it has been more miserable than not this past week or so.

Recently (okay, so it was three (?) weeks ago), we went to Portland, Oregon to see John Butler Trio. Obviously it was an awesome night out. Portland isn't too bad either. I wouldn't live there, but the fact we were able to take Angel to almost every place we went (including city markets, restaurants, hotels and bars), made life a lot easier for us. I have nicknamed the place Bridgeville, as I have never seen so many bridges so close to each other crossing the same waterway, ever, in my life. One pet peeve about Oregon self service at Petrol/Gasoline Stations. Apparently it is illegal, and is the only state in the country with this useless law.

Not to suggest that I may disappear for a decent amount of time again, as far as my online life goes, but it may happen. We're off to Calgary for the Aussie Rules Grand Final later this week, and will stay there for the weekend. October sees maybe a week in California, plus with our wedding anniversary, that may collide with California time, so we'll either have a 2-in-1 time in California, or a mini-vacation leading into California time. Who knows, I may just stay here while Patrick goes there for work...we'll see. Ohhh, and we are apparently going to Denver for Thanksgiving and hanging out with family who just moved up from Florida. I think that is at the end of November, but I am not American enough yet to remember all their holidays. I've not been to Colorado yet, but I am sure it will be almost as cold as it will be here. No details on a real vacation yet. It may not happen for another year.

My apologies to anyone who even noticed I was absent. Believe me when I say this will change once the snow hits and we're stuck in town for almost the whole winter.

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