Mega (mega) wrote,

Three cheers for weather...

Flying to Australia isn't so bad. I think you only lose five or six hours, assuming you're adjusted to the Pacific coast before departing, and are revitalised by time you land in either Melbourne or Sydney. If you're smart you depart by night, so you get your natural sleep-time, and sneak in a couple of hours when they're playing one of the six movies, hopefully ones you have no interest in. Of course a smart move if you're in the company of like-minded people you get half your tickets worth of food and beverages, to disguise the fact that it is peak season in Australia and your plane tickets for all three airlines on this trip are at extreme prices. Having a handle of gossip magazines on-hand isn't a bad idea either, for those moments where you are frustrated at not being able to fall asleep easily, and they are taking a small break between movies, or for the first and last 20-30 minutes where you're either waiting for the entertainment to begin, or are anxious about what happens once getting off the plane, hoping to clear customs with no problems and get your luggage, assuming they don't lose it, and then try to find the next terminal, re-check in at the domestic terminal and find your gate on the opposite side of the airport, fighting past the hundreds of people waiting there for those who ended their trip in Sydney.

So, I arrived in Adelaide yesterday just before noon. My brother picked me up in his new car and we headed into the city for some beer at the pub. How odd is that for the first thing I wanted to do once coming off the plane? Of course, I had other beers prior to this, like VB on the United and Qantas flights, and Boags at Sydney airport, at the gate. Obviously that meant I was ready for my beloved Coopers, and so Coopers we had. A couple of hours later (maybe it was more, who knows), we headed off via Chicken Chef mmmm. Hey, they got Red Rooster's here now. They carefully planted one about 200 metres before Chicken Chef. I suppose someone did well in their marketing there, since Chicken Chef is the best place to go for roasted chicken, chips, other foods and yummy gravy, but best of all, the chicken salt (mmmmmm) in the whole of Adelaide, so I am sure it's working out for them (I hear that Chicken Treat maybe gone from Adelaide now, but I can not confirm. That place never made sales here anyway, not with the strong independent chicken and chip shops scattered everywhere in Adelaide). After then I picked up a case of Pale Ale for tonight's BBQ and we headed home. By night I was keen to unpack old stuff in the boxes, since the purpose of this trip is to pack everything up and take it back to Montana. Once I successfully made a mess all over the room, I decided it was time to get some sleep.

This morning I awoke sometime between 5 and 6am and watched some cricket on TV before taking a small nap. The rest of the day I plan on hanging out with the cats, repacking some stuff, sucking down some beer and getting ready for the BBQ. It's nice to be back in some decent climate again. Certainly beats the below zero temperatures already endured in these past few months.

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