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I finally completed Final Fantasy X. I think I had started it three times in the past, but this fourth time I finally played it from start to end and finished it. It wasn't too bad, but the beginning was definitely the worst part of the game. If it takes an hour to get into the game, past the long movie sequences and past some of the small crappy fights and storylines, it's not going to hold my attention for long. I guess it happens in all the games, to allow the player the chance to know how to play the game if they had not played any of the series before, but for everyone else, tough.

I was disappointed with the end also. One hit and I won the game at the end. I didn't even have all the ultimate weapons, nor did I complete all the side quests. In fact I think I only played two or three games of Blitzball.

The ending with Tidus was also weak. They should have done more with that. There was no realization scenes, it just came out of no where, this decision to leave.

We've had X-2 since it came out a couple of years ago and I have never played it, so that is my next gaming conquest. I really would like to try XI, but I refuse to play PC games (mostly because I like big screens and loud sound, and need all the space on the drive as I can get, so I opt for console). There is a PS2 version, but to pay a lot more for the extra PS2 drive with the game, and then the fee....what if I don't like it? Games like WoW and EQ2 look incredibly boring to me, what if it's similar? Anyways, XII is out soon, so I need to finish off X-2 so I don't have to wait for XII when it comes out.

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