Mega (mega) wrote,

Farewell Montana

Nope, we haven't left yet, but this could be the last entry I make before we leave this Friday. We're busily packing things away, the only difficulty is making sure enough stuff is left behind to make this house live-able. You see, we're keeping this house because Patrick has to work up here one week a month (two weeks a month for the next couple of months), at least for now. Our truck will arrive on Wednesday and we'll pack that up over that night and Thursday. We hope to be completely unpacked (as in the truck emptied) by Sunday afternoon.

So....Montana...It hasn't been so bad. Yep, this town is way too small and dysfunctional for me. I am happy to be out of here after three years. Often people will screw their faces up when they hear that is where we live, but most of the time those people have never been here. So what is Montana really like? Well, I would never choose to live here permanently. It's one of those places where you buy an overpriced cabin on the lake or riverfront for a nice cool million bucks (probably more), and either retire there or use it as a summer vacation home, or a place to get away to during the year. I am truly a city gal. I have not lived in a place smaller than 1.2 million since prior to twenty years ago, back when 30,000 people was just big enough for the child I was back then.

The cities in this state almost all look the same. There are no buildings over three or four stories, the exception being hotels. The populations for these places are between 35,000 and 50,000. Heck, there isn't a million people in the whole state. The cities aren't of much interest. You come here for the countryside, not the hustle of college towns with not a lot of things to do.

So why come here? Skiing, snowmobiling, fishing, bush-walking, camping, boating (sailing, or not), horse riding....all outdoorsy stuff, and a lot more. You could come here just for the views. There are a lot of stunning things to look at. Problem is, it takes patience to get to any place as it is a large spam of land, and over half the year is covered in ice or snow. You come here to be revitalised and refreshed, and it will long as it is only a vacation.

I will miss Montana when I leave. My complaints are solely based around where we are living and the lack of constructive things for me to do, so I can grow as a person. Everywhere else is well worth the visits. It is no surprise also that another reason to miss Montana is not being able to drive over to Canada whenever we want. Mexico doesn't have the same appeal (plus isn't only a 20 minute drive away from our new house!).

Anyways, nothing I can say about this state can give it the true justice it deserves. Maybe one day I will put together a series of pictures I've taken over the last three years, I certainly have at least a couple thousand of them. Pictures are only what can say what people need to know about why they should come here, and sell them on it. One thing that is safe to say is that I am not done traveling around here. So long as Patrick is working up here, we'll make return trips together, maybe even as early as this December...but we'll see what happens.

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