Mega (mega) wrote,

Hello California!

Well actually, we got here Saturday night. The journey wasn't too bad. We went via I-15, then US-93, then onto I-80 (plus some others, but they were insignificant). The first day we drove through Montana and Idaho. The plan was to make it to Twin Falls before sunset, which we did. We decided to drive on. The next stretch is 100 miles of nothingness, single lane road where in the dark you can be faced with random large animals (hence us wanting to stop before the sunset, before changing our mind). We stayed at a little town in Nevada called Wells. We could have stayed in a town earlier, called Jackpot, but we didn't feel like paying to stay in some huge ripoff Casino in a huge truck where those who lost all their money could see the truck as a means to break even.

The next morning we completed our Nevada journey and then onto California, the second half being only a 550-600 mile drive. We arrived at our new home at about 6-7pm and started unloading straight away. All but three really heavy pieces of furniture made its way inside by just the two of us. Patrick bunged up his leg a bit in the process (carrying a large TV cabinet by yourself (and that not being the end of the self-lifting) might do that). We got to sleep in our own bed that night, so that was very nice indeed. The dogs too enjoyed being able to walk around after being caged for a couple of days. They seem to be settling in quite nicely.

All our utilities are up and running, the Internet being the last of the lot (due to the guy who came yesterdays laziness it took one day longer than it should have been). It's (Comcast) slower than what we were getting in Montana, but it'll do. We might be able to have our first home cooked meal by tomorrow, when more unpacking and cleaning is done. That process alone will probably take a day or two more to complete, now that I don't have to worry about people needing to work inside the house anymore.

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