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Save the cheerleader, save the world

American television is a strange thing, and it's no wonder channels are flooded with pilots when I am not sure myself why some series succeed where others fail. There have been so many shows 'trailed' and only so many have kept a timeslot, while others disappear without warning. You think that maybe they will be back for the next season, but generally they enter the abyss.

For a few weeks I was watching Smith, a show about a group of people brought together to work as a team of thieves, each person having their own side-story or series of complications (although, to be honest it wasn't a lot different than the one about the group of people plotting a heist on Rodeo Drive, that also got axed last season (I forget the name)). I thought it wasn't too bad, certainly more entertaining than Shark, another DA-lawyer show, but with a twist, that has seemed to have earned it's timeslot. It's shows like 'The Unit', which are barely okay and not a lot different than 'The Grid', which I thought was going to survive, and it was scheduled to come back, but hasn't so far. Criminal Minds survived to a second series, but it is different from the CSI's and L&O's, providing a different method to crime solving.

The pick of the bunch however would have to be Heroes. There is no doubt that this show is the best new one of television, and from everything I've heard, it was a surprise for it to be so popular. The advertising for it wasn't so great, and gave no clues about what was going on, beyond meeting some characters who could do very strange things. It almost appeared too sci-fi to be what it really is. Don't let the advertising fool you, it is a ton better than the advertising campaign it was given.

Friday Night Lights is also proving itself to be pretty decent, although with it evolving american football, I am not sure it would do so well outside of North America. I wouldn't let that be the reason to not watch it though, as there has only been three games over the seven or so weeks it's been on TV for and it's only for a portion of the hourly show. One thing I can say for sure is that it is a lot better than the movie (and it's a different storyline).

The disappointing series currently on for me would have to be Jericho. In the beginning it moved along nicely, nukes dropped all over the U.S. and one towns methods of surviving. That's fine and all, but it has slowed down to a point where the only reason I watch it is because nothing else is on, and I am hoping for something to happen, since there as to be a reason this show is keeping it's aired timeslot.

Game shows still move too slow as well. Why can't everything be nice and quick like Sale Of The Century (which isn't played in the U.S. anymore), well because they don't really want to give away a million dollars. One good thing though, 1 vs 100 is a lot better than Deal or no Deal, but I wish it would be just a little bit faster. Treasure Hunters (which finished months ago) is better than Race Around the World, which is probably why they have spiced it up a little. Survivor is still mostly boring, filled with the typical wannabe famous types. Big Brother here can not compete with any other I have seen from around the world. American BB is totally boring, and is 'Survivor: In A House". You do not get the interactions, or at least the producers think we don't need to see it. It's all challenges and nothing voyeuristic about it really, and as per usual, everything is censored (I don't think Americans have a clue about how censored their shows are compared to almost everywhere else).

Anyways, that's my once in a ever-time update on the state of television series. I must be bored :)

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