Mega (mega) wrote,

Thanksgiving V.2006

My 4th Thanksgiving is coming today (when I wake up), and I still don't get it. Why do people want to go to so much effort to cook so much food twice in a month? It's kinda like having two Christmas', except this day is loaded with Football, and no gift-giving. Everyone knows I've never been into the whole Christmas thing, so one can easily assume I am not into Thanksgiving either. I guess I am just the kind of person who believes in living day-to-day and responding to things that happen in life as they occur and not leaving my 'thanks' and gift giving for some predetermined day. I won't even go into the whole Hallmark holiday thing, or anything like that. I just hate how people use a day like these to make an excuse to hangout, and you can see it on peoples faces that they wish they weren't really there.

Well, this will be our first Thanksgiving just the two of us. We haven't bought anything for it, nor do we know if we will be doing much more than taking the dogs to the park (if it isn't raining), and preparing the house better, as we've totally run out of living and storage space, for the soon-to-be-visiting parentals in December. I don't think we'll be doing anything foodish for it, since we're dropping a cousin off at the airport in a few hours and I am sure we'd rather catch up on sleep when we get back after dealing with the crazy long weekend traffic.

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