Mega (mega) wrote,

First NBA game

Friday night, the three of us went to watch the Miami Heat pound on the Golden State Warriors asses. Whilst there I noticed there were more people wearing Miami jerseys than Warriors jerseys...odd given it's the Warriors home court. We just happened to be some of those people.

Shaq didn't play, but he was there and looking pretty hot in his brown pinstripe suit. I was pleased though, because Dwyane Wade was playing. It's been a long time coming for me to see my favourite basketball player in action.

One thing I do not understand about spectators though. if their team is winning by too much, or are losing, they leave the game to go home. I don't understand how people are willing to spend almost $300 a ticket to just walk out before the game is even close to being over. I notice they do the same for Football as well. Then again, the 'fans' also "boo" their own team a lot also. The people around us were awesome though...although Nikita was the one getting all the attention (and not from crying either...he was actually really good).

I could see myself going to a lot more games (if they were always Miami games), but ticket prices are too steep for that kind of pastime. We had a good time though :)


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