Mega (mega) wrote,

Pet Peeve Of The Day

If you make an appointment to see someone, say a Doctor, they ask that you give them a certain amount of notice if you are not able to make a pre-set appointment. If you do not comply, they will charge you the same as though you kept your appointment, or at least a proportion of it, and some cases a late changing fee may apply.

What sucks is when you have an appointment scheduled two weeks later than when you could have had it, you arrange the time to go to the appointment, which can include someone taking time off from work, time you will never get back, and you arrive at the location of the appointment only to have your phone ring while you are finding a car park, to say your appointment needs to be canceled and rescheduled.

I am sure we wouldn't get away with charging them the $50,000 (or portion of) that they charged us for a days work, for their late notice.

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