Mega (mega) wrote,

A Few Notes

I hope UCLA wins the NCAA Basketball Tournament.

CSI and Law and Order frustrate me because they have people come in to do special appearances, and from that, you immediately know 'who done it'.

Babel made little sense.

Borat was surprisingly a lot better than I thought it would be.

The Departed deserved to win 'best picture' at the Academy Awards.

American Idol seems weak this year. There are only two people (both female) who can really sing well, and they will probably get voted off once they start having to sing non-gospel and try some rock or country.

I hate that every time I take a shower I have to consciously think about making sure I pickup the toothpaste and not the shampoo to put on my toothbrush. A couple of times it's been close, when my mind has been elsewhere.

Nikita loves Evanescence and hates the Killers.

Summer is coming!

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