Mega (mega) wrote,

What Is Up With American Daytime Soaps??

There are so many daytime soaps here, some are 'normal', some are unrealistic, most are full of inbred characters, but some are just so damn crazy I have no idea how they stay on the air.

I remember as a kid that Young and the Restless would be on, followed by Days of our Lives, on Channel 9. Bold and the Beautiful was on at 1:30 and then moved to 4:30 (or was it the other way around?) on Channel 10. I don't recall General Hospital being on TV in Australia, but it was definitely on when I was growing up in New Zealand (so that is prior to 1986). I am not sure if I remember there being any others, off the top of my head....oh I remember some show, was it called Santa Barbara?, that was on for an hour right before Bold and the Beautiful used to be on, on Channel 10...


Now, over here you have to expect with so many more years of cable tv (yet all these shows are on the 'free t air' channels) there are many more daytime soaps that never cracked the Aussie market...well there are. There are the following...All My Children, Another World, As The World Turns, Guiding Light, One Life To Live, and Passions.

Now let it be known that I don't watch any of these, with the exception of the Bold and the Beautiful because I find it so damn funny. I have never seen such an inbred pile of crap that is funnier to me than SNL will ever be. It breaks up my day, where I fix myself something to eat and laze about for 30 minutes (I probably watch 15 minutes of it, three times a week). It has an intelligent blend in with the Young and the Restless, since they are made by the same people, and switch cast members from one show to the other. Who would have thought so many people from the midwest would have direct connections to those in the fashion industry...

Anyways, I should just get to what I am most shocked about. I learned to deal with the fact that just because a character dies in a huge fire, or gets shot and there is a funeral, or they die in a car crash, a plane crash, or any other random act that causes actors to die more often than the average occurrance in ones life. What I never thought I would see is a little girl, maybe 6 or 7 years old in scenes where she doesn't talk, but bubbles pop up on the screen instead. not just do hey pop-up, but there is a 'pop' noise to go along with it!! This girl can sit on the couch for 20 minutes, next to some weird old lady and the girl talks through thinking? I really don't know, but somehow the old lady can converse back and forth with her. You hear the sound of an old lady, then 'pop'...old lady.....'pop'...

I stumbled upon this when I was out of the room after the rerun of Access Hollywood had ended, so it was 2pm. How ridiculous can these people get? How a TV show like Jericho, or even in the 'off season' Pirate Master, can be canceled, but this crap gets to stay on? No wonder I prefer to watch reality TV these days.

I had to Google which one it was...Passions....Crazy shit.

Please, for my sanity, give me Neighbours and Home & Away back!

(I think it is funny that Google shows up in LJ's spellchecker as being a spelling error)

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