Mega (mega) wrote,

Not Fucking Happy

I do NOT want this in my damn yard at 3:30am!

Now the whole damn inside of the house fucking stinks and I have no idea what to do but air it by leaving the front door open. Damn dogs grrr.

It smells like someone grew onions inside and left them to rot in 100 degree weather and covered them with a lot of burning rubber.

Update #1:

I think it has both is back legs broken, but it has been quite mobile this morning. I am sure it is spraying up a storm out there, just fighting to stay alive. I hate the smell, but I hate knowing it is probably in some horrible pain. if the people coming to rid this skunk from our house doesn't hurry up, it will find its way back under the house!

Update #2:

This is the last living image of the skunk (besides what the animal dude took with his camera). About 20 minutes after this picture was taken, the skunk was shot with a 22 rifle and it's body taken away to have tests done on its brain to test for rabies, since skunks are the second highest carriers of rabies, behind bats.

Now the dogs are on quarantine for upto 30 days, with a visit once a week, and I had to sign my life away that it's how it would be. Thankfully we had all our rabies shots current, otherwise they get taken away for 6 months quarantine, or euthanised (I believe the decision of which is upto us). Some of it was sucky rules, since they have this County bullshit and State bullshit where the company that makes the vacs must be also recognised. As it turns out, Montana must have stricter rabies laws because our 2 year Montana shots last for 3 years in California, so we were lucky (by Montana standards, Angel's expired this past April, and Anet's will expire in October, so add 12 months to both of those).

How this will tie into our Hawai'i trip we'll find out in 7-10 days (possibly sooner, but that is what I was told). We're not allowed people in our yard outside of people who already use the yard (aka immediate family), and the dogs aren't allowed to leave the yard, even to go for a walk on the lead.

This is all worst case scenario. If the tests on the brain-matter of the skunk come back negative, then we just have to wait for the phone call.

I'm sure the dogs are happy to have their backyard back to themselves again.

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