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Why I can never be American

I keep forgetting that the pizza delivery guy needs to be tipped (unless (s)he or the company he works for does something awful).

A Few Notes

I hope UCLA wins the NCAA Basketball Tournament.

CSI and Law and Order frustrate me because they have people come in to do special appearances, and from that, you immediately know 'who done it'.

Babel made little sense.

Borat was surprisingly a lot better than I thought it would be.

The Departed deserved to win 'best picture' at the Academy Awards.

American Idol seems weak this year. There are only two people (both female) who can really sing well, and they will probably get voted off once they start having to sing non-gospel and try some rock or country.

I hate that every time I take a shower I have to consciously think about making sure I pickup the toothpaste and not the shampoo to put on my toothbrush. A couple of times it's been close, when my mind has been elsewhere.

Nikita loves Evanescence and hates the Killers.

Summer is coming!

Whoa Da Earthquake!!

About 10 minutes ago we just felt our first Earthquake since moving here (last August). The news flash on TV says it was a 4.2, and the website showed people reporting about it from as far as 500km away. I thought a car crashed into the side of the house just to my right.

A 20 Year Old Confession

When John Farnham's 'Your The Voice' came out and I heard it for the first time, I thought it was the best song ever made.

Feel free to confess your 80's 'behind closed doors' secret musical pleasures here.

Pet Peeve Of The Day

If you make an appointment to see someone, say a Doctor, they ask that you give them a certain amount of notice if you are not able to make a pre-set appointment. If you do not comply, they will charge you the same as though you kept your appointment, or at least a proportion of it, and some cases a late changing fee may apply.

What sucks is when you have an appointment scheduled two weeks later than when you could have had it, you arrange the time to go to the appointment, which can include someone taking time off from work, time you will never get back, and you arrive at the location of the appointment only to have your phone ring while you are finding a car park, to say your appointment needs to be canceled and rescheduled.

I am sure we wouldn't get away with charging them the $50,000 (or portion of) that they charged us for a days work, for their late notice.

Happy Hottest 100 Day

I'll be listening online to the hottest 100 on JJJ, all day with the Nikita-kid. Hope everyone has a great day :)

Hottest 100

It's becoming more difficult each year to find songs to vote for in the JJJ Hottest 100. While we do listen to an alternative radio station here in the Bay, it's hardly 'alternative', but more 'alternative rock'. Most of the songs they play are too mainstream hard-rock for JJJ to play or have on it's voting list. Worst of all is that outside of Wolfmother and Jet, no Australian music is really featured (Living End has been). I am sure the ten songs I have just voted for are horrible compared to ones I would have voted for had I ever heard them before.

Still, I hope to suck down a longneck of Coopers Sparkling and spend the afternoon and evening listening, online, and reminiscing.

Go Hilltop Hoods!

First NBA game

Friday night, the three of us went to watch the Miami Heat pound on the Golden State Warriors asses. Whilst there I noticed there were more people wearing Miami jerseys than Warriors jerseys...odd given it's the Warriors home court. We just happened to be some of those people.

Shaq didn't play, but he was there and looking pretty hot in his brown pinstripe suit. I was pleased though, because Dwyane Wade was playing. It's been a long time coming for me to see my favourite basketball player in action.

One thing I do not understand about spectators though. if their team is winning by too much, or are losing, they leave the game to go home. I don't understand how people are willing to spend almost $300 a ticket to just walk out before the game is even close to being over. I notice they do the same for Football as well. Then again, the 'fans' also "boo" their own team a lot also. The people around us were awesome though...although Nikita was the one getting all the attention (and not from crying either...he was actually really good).

I could see myself going to a lot more games (if they were always Miami games), but ticket prices are too steep for that kind of pastime. We had a good time though :)

24 Season Six

It's hard to say how season six will be. The first two episodes we saw last night did not sell me. I guess we will see how tonight's episodes 3 & 4 pan out. I'd have to say, I am getting tired of every series being about some Middle East or Muslim thing. I really wanted them to stick with the Chinese storyline they left everyone hanging on from Season Five, or some new drug-lord or gang related storyline. Who knows, maybe it'll head back in that direction.

Best Thanksgiving Ever

Who says you need turkey and football to have a good day? I just happened to have four great days in a row filled with things much better than any traditional turkey-day. Special breakfasts made for me everyday, and just relaxing away a four-day long weekend. No stress, no worries and the first time in a very long time we've had so many days just to ourselves. It'll be a very long time before we have such a time again.